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Porsche Fresno

Laguna Seca Track Day


All drivers / instructors / employees who drive on the track must sign up at and register for the event as a Sponsored Driver at least 2 weeks prior to the event date.


Free instruction to the first 6 applicants who send a request.

If this is your first time on a track or the first time on this track we will provide instruction for the first 6 people who sign up and then make a separate request to the dealership. To be put on this list you must first register for the event at and then send a separate email to


Lunch is included for guest drivers. Additional guests can purchase lunch separately at the track the day of the event


Dinner Invitation – All participants will be invited to join us at dinner the night before the event for a no-host dinner get-together with other members of the club.  It’s a casual and fun social event the night before.  


DE 101 / 201 Classroom Event  – All event participants are to attend the Drivers Education 101/ 201 event approximately two weeks prior to our event at the Porsche Fresno dealership.  This is a casual 2-hour evening chalk-talk clinic on what to expect at the track and is strongly suggested for all beginners and highly recommended for all participants. Pizza will be served.  

Each registered driver will receive either a CD or and on- line link which contains professional photographs taken that day of their cars running on the track


Here is what we ask of you:

We require that you sign up on to register for the event as a Sponsored Driver at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. If you do not already have a profile on you will need to create one and select PCA - Diablo as one of your “clubs.”  


We ask that you become a member of your local PCA chapter.      


Logistical Details

We will assign each driver to a specific run group (either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) based upon the information supplied in and our knowledge of their own track driving experience.


We place a limit on the number of participants in each run group to maximize space, safety and enjoyment for drivers and instructors. 


Only Porsches will be allowed to drive on the track. 


Only drivers and instructors are allowed in the cars during on-track lap sessions. No passengers are allowed on the track except for Parade Laps, if they are offered. 


No demonstration rides are allowed.


No switching drivers is allowed.


All instructors will be assigned by our Chief Driving instructor to students who request and / or need instruction. No other instructors are allowed in the cars.


The safety protocols we have established are very important to us and we will apply them without regard to who the driver or guest may be. We expect every driver to respect these important safeguards.


If two drivers want to drive the same car, they must be in different run groups.



As a Porsche Club, we carry specific General Liability Insurance through the Porsche Club of America that includes Excess Liability and Participant Accident coverage that covers our Club, not you, your company, your guests or their cars.  We would be happy to make a Certificate of Insurance available for your review at your request. 


Each driver is strongly encouraged to verify their own insurance policy(ies) to see what, if any, of their current coverage applies to them in a Drivers Education Event.  


For all Porsche Club of America members, specific track-day insurance coverage is available through Lockton Motorsports and can be found by accessing their website at


Other Details Available On-Line

Many other details of the event are available on-line at and   Please refer to both of these mediums as they are our primary means of communication with all of our event participants.

Date Posted: October 6, 2017